Music and Training Horses

Often, I am asked what music has to do with breeding and training horses.  I find many similarities in my approach to both:    As a musician, when deciding to learn a new piece of music you must 

Training horses, breeding horses and riding horses follow the same principles.

I will give you the examples here which correspond to the above

In either discipline, it is important that we take advantage of today's technologies - record the piece, video tape your riding and be constructively critical of what you have created to continually make it better for the good of both you and what you wish to create while being fair and honest about the limitations at that point in time.  Good, Sound, Critical Advice is continually necessary to achieve our goals.

Since the age of 5, I have had weekly coaching sessions for piano.  At the age of 16, I took on the harp and at age 18 was accepted to the Eastman School of Music with a scholarship for harp with a minor in piano, finishing with a degree in Music Education.  Eastman accepts only 100 undergraduate students yearly out of thousands that apply.  It is an extremely competitive school with very high performance standards.  If you do not keep up the work to the standards of the school,  you are asked to leave.  It is that simple. All throughout my music performance career, I have continued coaching sessions - because I believe no one is ever finished evolving in their field. 

I have applied the same methodical ideas to my breeding program in choosing bloodlines for performance and I have applied a consistent method to bringing up young horses that makes sense to the horse so that the future owners will have a willing, fair animal to build their dream with.  No young horse is every forced to do anything - they are convinced that they should do something because it is fun and nothing to fear - and it is learned in a consistent manner that the horse comes to understand quickly.  Training a horse is like building a house - you must first put in a very good, strong foundation so that you may add the rest of the architectural ideas one by one and have it stand up to the test of time.

When you purchase a horse through Normandy Manor Farm's breeding program, you are getting more than a "horse".  You are buying into the benefit of years of knowledge and an animal that is well adjusted,  brought up in a happy, safe and understanding environment that is ready to be your partner willingly.

I invite you to visit the farm.